Sculpture Courses


Emma delivers various sculpture courses, predominantly in life sculpture as well as focus courses exploring different materials and techniques.  The classes are run in a well-equipped ceramics room at In Bristol Studio.

Emma, also offers Private Tutoring, for practical and conceptual advice to help you realise new ideas or develop certain techniques. 

Emma is passionate about getting people involved in sculpture: passing on her enthusiasm for the tactile nature of clay as well as exploring new sculptural techniques and studying the intricacies of the human body.

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Next available courses, 2024:

  • Colouring Workshop: 3rd July
  • Life sculpture, 5 wk course. 6th October - 4th December

Life Sculpture

Sculpting human figure in clay from a life model.  

Working from a life model, we will explore sculpting techniques, human anatomy and creative expression but most importantly enjoy the immediacy of sculpture from life, alongside other creative people.  Emma will be at hand to help as and when needed.    

We use a turntable for the model, so that everyone can stay in one place to see all the angles, as the model turns.  Clay sculptures can be fired on site for a fee and be collected after the course. 

Course lengths vary from day workshops to 6week courses.  All abilities and backgrounds are welcome.


Next Life Sculpture Course:

       Weekend Workshop. 22 & 23rd june. 10am-4.30pm.  £215  Fully Booked.

      5 week course. Wednesday mornings, 10am-1pm. 6th October – 4th December 2024.  £220

     BOOKING: email for a booking form.

Colouring workshop

A workshop exploring how the colour and finish of your sculpture can really change the feel of a piece.  We will look at simple and immediate techniques using paints and waxes as well as bronze powder, to colour your fired clay sculpture.  We will explore other artists works and the numerous possibilities for how to colour your sculpture

You can bring up to 4 sculptures to play with.

This workshop will give you chance to reflect on your work and consider the next steps for your practice.


Next Colouring Course:

      3rd July. 10am-1pm.  £90  

     BOOKING:  contact Emma for a booking form and pay via BACS

Introduction to Armatures

A course in building armatures to help sculpt more dynamic figures.  We will work from a model to sculpt a standing pose, starting with aluminium and steel to build a structure onto which you can sculpt.  Once the armature has been made, we then sculpt in plaster, or clay on the top to finish the sculpture.  (NB clay sculpture with metal inside can not be fired).  

This is a more challenging course, which will introduce you to new techniques whilst exploring proportions as well as importance of getting the fundamental shapes right at the start of your sculpture. 


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