Down memory lane and back to school.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve been back to my secondary school in 20years, after being invited to exhibit as part of an old pupils event.   It was nice to reconnect with old teachers and meet fellow old pupils who have also pursued life as an artist, as well as reflect back on my school days.

I left Oundle School in 2003 and have mixed feelings about my boarding school experience, but it did me very well and I was very lucky to have access to such a fantastic art department.  There was even a sculpture room, led by Mr Oddie, who was my teacher that sparked my love for clay.  I was awarded an Art scholarship to enter the school, which encouraged my interest in art and from then on I felt I was going to do art for the rest of my life; I never actually thought that 25 years later, I would be earning a living from my art, but here I am- and exhibiting back at my old school!  The exhibition is on show at Yarrow Art Gallery, Oundle, Northampton until 10th March.   I have various pieces on show that are nicely presented against the backdrop of the beautiful school grounds.